Tuesday, 30 November 2010

30th November 2010

It snowed this morning, and to my horror when I looked out there was a big fox in the garden!  It ran off when it saw me, but I was quite shaken, because we havent knowingly had a fox for a year.  Poor thing is probably hungry but it can leave my fish and chickens alone. I let my friend up the road know because she has chickens and ducks, and the ducks free range all day.
Clara was a bit down at the weekend, and I was going to the vet with her yesterday,but she had picked up a lot and rather than stress her out taking her the the vet I cancelled.  She came bouncing out this morning so hopefully she's ok, but I'll keep my eye on her.
The girls havent been too fazed by the cold, Ive been giving them extra corn to keep them warm and despite loosing the odd feather they are still laying well.  I get 6 eggs every day.
I think Clara's off lay at the moment but hopefully she'll start again soon.  Having said that she's a pet and I wont worry if she never gives me another egg. They are just an extra.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

4th November

I was washing up, and realised the girls were standing stock still, looking at the sky, I thought perhaps there was a bird of prey over head, so I went out to see what was wrong, and realised there was  a squirrel in their run!
It must have got in there through the gap above the gate, and it couldn't remember how it got there.
So I went to get meal worms to get the girls in one area of the run so I could give the squirrel a chance to escape through the gate, but it had found a gap at the back, and was gone.  They had the meal worms, and I filled in the gaps so that wont happen again.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

3rd November

Girls are all doing well.  We've got past the egg withdrawal time and they are getting on much better until food appears.  But the three younger ones dodge around and get their fair share.
Belle is funny, because when I go to give them mealworms or supper she dives out and stays out eating grass while the others tuck in.  She's easy to pick up and put inside where she fluffs up her feathers and goes about her business.
Its still surprisingly warm despite the wind, and now the clocks have changed they are in bed about 5o/c.
Alice and Bramble.

Clara, Bramble looking and Clarice.

Bramble, Bell and Spice, with Henrietta at the back.